‘Raya and the last dragon’: From love to trust!

`Love is the greatest power in world and we can conquer everything with love.’ The most familiar words we are getting used to with since our childhood, of course Disney has the major impact on this belief. Here, I am not to criticize those words, because to prevail the peace and stability around the world, love is very much needed but ignored everywhere.

charming princess have waited long for her desire to get true love or they realized only love is the utmost solution of their grave misery, the picture that Disney has been screening to us all the years. Elsa found love as an only power saving her sister, Snow white was awakened by or with the touch of love, The Beast transformed to human with the power of love and so on. Most of the Disney movies grew up on exhibiting the power of love. This year, Disney just switch their direction from ‘Love’ to ‘Trust’. The fundamental base of unity. Trust is like a glue that sticks people, regions and everything in a piece. And we learn that trust is another power to conquer peace and harmony. And all of this message came from another Disney movie ‘Raya and the last dragon’.

Raya, the girl living in a realm named Kumandra, was searching for the last dragon to get back his father alive. She is the first south-eastern princess in Disney world. Based on the Chinese fable, Raya and the last dragon will definitely win your heart. As the corona clawed on world economy as well as film industries too, this Disney movie couldn’t get more appealing graphics comparing to its previous movies. Peoples are criticizing that the director took more from the Avatar: the last air bender, but the scriptwriter claimed to be inspired from Guardian of the Galaxy. This newcomer couldn’t shake the box office off that the live action movie Mulan did.

Apart from all the pros and cons, Raya and the last dragon is one of the biggest breakthrough for Disney. Because this time they released it in their own streaming site due to pandemic and also available in theatre.

In my view, I have been always fascinated to the fables but not the dragons. I have no exact explanation, why this creature did not attract me all these years. This movie made me rethink about dragons, maybe they displayed them as cute and friendly. The armadillo, glued to Raya all the time and helped her in its own way. The betrayal from the other princess may hurt you, but it explains the reality a lot. I was just thinking that, yes this is actually happened in our world too, but we don’t have dragons or any prophecy to solve all of our problems (sigh). With all the limitations, the makers detailed out the Chinese landscape to offer the experience of tangible feelings. The crying for water reveals the scarcity in that region. After finishing the movie you’ll live in awe for a while.

So, why not watch this movie today and drop your opinion in comment. I am very much eager to hear from you.

Masks Forever?

Besides, the disappearance of the winter, the whole media surged with the news of air quality. The dropping of air quality in the megacities is making our respiratory system more vulnerable and exposing the threat of deadly diseases including cancer.

Two years ago, sitting on the rickshaw in the middle of a city traffic jam, exhausted by the day-long tiredness of office work, the one thought suddenly came to my mind. As the news of soonly arrived doomsday was getting old, people seem to accept the truth that the world is standing on the edge of the end. Nothing can beat global warming, and the change has already started.

The gigantic crack in the glaciers, disappearing ices from the mountain cap, eradication of the marine reef, rising sea level, and so on, all are alerting us for future preparation. When there are flat earth believers in the 21st century, people are not intending to be aware of the upcoming consequences.

Scientists are now closely observing this iceberg in Antarctica, as a crack is already been detected. Source: Collected

And in 2016, the world got a leader who has no sense of environmental pollution which he loves to think of as a hoax, seriously? When the whole world has its back against only the wall, the call the opening coal and gas mines are just nothing but suicidal. As a result, developing countries are at stake and confronting the challenges appearing from the environmental malfunctions. But there is less concentration on reviving nature than making resources for the development of economics. 
As an inhabitant of a developing country living not so much far from the sea, I recollect the foggy and cold winter memories only from my childhood. Growing up in the megacity, the winter felt like a different form of summer. A thin layer of shawl keeps me warm all round the winter. Some people are keeping busy creating memes featuring the different forms of summer in the country. Winter is lost, the mystic morning is now a myth to all of us. Only some cold waves come to visit the country to remind us it is here and this time of the year is used to be the winter. 

Besides, the disappearance of the winter, the whole media surged with the news of air quality. The dropping of air quality in the megacities is making our respiratory system more vulnerable and exposing the threat of deadly diseases including cancer. Moreover, the disappearance of the habitats of wild animals is increasing the risk of unknown diseases. And a question popped in my mind, especially keeping the air quality in the center, is the mask getting mandatory for all of us. Though only some people who are allergic or have asthma were using a mask at that time. But the air quality was forcing us to put the mask on. There was also some news in the media that China & Canada are selling fresh air to its citizens. What does that mean? Is Dr. Seus’s comic ‘Lorax’ is going to be real? No tree in the world? Will we die on trying to breathe oxygen? 

The habitats of Beijing, who were getting used to with mask before than us because of low air quality. Sourc: Collected

No sooner we are getting used to masks than the COVID-19 pandemic teaches us to survive with it. It is a great reminder for us of how rapidly we are destroying our earth. Now the vaccine has arrived. People will get more irresistible against the virus and slowly the urgency to do something for the environment will go with the wind. So it is high time to do something on our own. Otherwise, the more deadly virus outbreak may happen in the future. Talk more about the environment to people live around you.

Actually, we need to be more conscious individually and that could be possible if we starts from the very little task. Those tasks that helps our environment to recover itself. There is no other planet where we could live but we should care about this planet. What should we do-

– Try to minimize the usage of plastic.- Switch to environment friendly product.

– Go back to the history, it means in past people used lot of thing that were not harmful to nature and they are still available. Like using clay pot instead of plastic or melamine. 

Isn’t it disturbing your eyes? Then why you are allowing this. This is high time to stop throwing plastic in ocean. Source: Collected

– Plant more tree, we know spaces are getting unavailable. But you can plant tree in your balcony or rooftop. 

– Do not throw wastage anywhere. If you are in a tourist place, I higly recommend you to be more aware of it than ever.
I love the idea of recycling plastic product. But the plastics are being produced more than recycled and it is piling up on the ground and in the sea. In my view, recycled product need to be introduced in every country and government should motivate those entrepreneurs who are highly willing to work on it.

Nagorno-Karabakh: Is there any solution to stop decade long unrest?

The battle severing the unpredictability is a reminder of the tragic consequences that had already taken place in Aleppo, Gaza, Rakhine province, and so on.

‘From the point of International Law, both Nagorno-Karabakh and all the region adjacent to it were and are an integral part of the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.’ stated by president Putin on the Russian channel Rossiya 1. But is it wise to recognize the mountainous region inseparable from Azerbaijan by force and deploy peacekeeping forces there?

Map that is pointing the exact location of Nagorno-Karabakh.

The recent clash between Azerbaijan & Armenia got to the extent of flooding refugee in their border. Peoples of the Nagorno-Karabakh region are now living an uncertain life, and many of them are displaced. BBC confirmed that over 5000 soldiers and at least 143 civilians are killed during the conflict.

The world witnessed Armenian claim over the Nagorno-Karabakh region since the collapse of the Soviet Union. When the Soviet supremacy began to fall, the regional parliament wanted to be the part of Armenia by casting a vote officially. But the Soviet government transferred the control of the Armenian-majority Caucasus range to Azerbaijan. That was the dawn of a conflict left thousands of people died, and it ended with a ceasefire in 1994. The separatists were still governing the Nagorno-Karabakh and receiving the support of the Armenian government. The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Minsk Group chaired by France, Russia and USA, mediated the peace talks between two countries. However, the battle has not seen the finish line, and two states are not tired enough to spare the claim over the Caucasus region. The consequences born from the conflict did not bring any good news for the residents of this region. The battle severing the unpredictability is a reminder of the tragic consequences that had already taken place in Aleppo, Gaza, Rakhine province, and so on.
Two powerful neighbors Turkey and Russia are backing Azerbaijan and Armenia, respectively. As Azerbaijan is close to the border, they also have the support of Russia and Putin declared that the region belongs to the Azerbaijani government. Russia agreed to deploy peacekeeping forces for their preservation of peace and rehabilitated the displaced people.
To the contrary, this is not a permanent solution. The power holders should turn their ear to the general people and learn about their demands and desires.

Peoples of Nagorno-Karabakh has been displaced and the process of rehabilitation is going on.

The international body could arrange a referendum for the people of Caucasus and figure out what they actually want. The decision comes from the majority needs to implement by the members of the organization. They could prepare a deal base on the result and negotiate between states following the conditions generated by them. It is universally proved that the population hold the actual power and the leader is only a reflection of their choice. The satisfaction of people will bring peace in that territory and the rush of refugee decline quickly. But the question is, Do the superpowers let referendum take place and what about the Azerbaijanis who live there. As we have seen that the US is no longer playing the most substantial role since Arab spring in 2011 and here, Russia, Germany & France are the key role players with the power to solve the issues tactfully. Only this trio could stay positive to solve the problem properly utilizing the OSCE Minsk group.

A old man lost his home in Nagorno-Karabakh

Zootopia, Anyone can be Anything!!!!


This is a story of a bunny named Judy Hoppes who wanted to be a police officer. It was impossible for a bipedal creature to get any chance in the police academy where all large predators held this job. It is a story of her struggle that show how she prove herself as a real cop in Zootopia. With its amazing animation, all the animal looks alive here. The deatiling, their movement, voices make you believe that this is a real movie not animation. In this movie you will find adventure, suspense, comedy like you are getting every item in one box. Zootopia is totally different from other Disney movies. According to rotten tomatoes, IMDB, Cinemablends review, Zootopia is the one of the best movie of Disney production. Zootopia got 8.3 in IMDB rating and 98% in rotten tomatoes.

It will be a  great experience if you watch this movie in 3D theatre or blu ray print. After watching this movie my perception is It will inspire you and motivate you not ot give up. As this little bunny in the world of large predator make her own space by showing her qualifications. So anyone can be anythig if he or she wish. Really I love this words of the movie said by Judy Hoppes and the song of Shakira ‘Try everything’ too. This is the movie where you get inspiration along entertainment.

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